The blancmange with almonds is a delicate sweet prepared using only simply and high quality ingredients.


- 220g Fabbri almond milk

- 50g sugar

- 20g icing sugar

- 10g gelatine sheets

- 220g fresh cream

- Vis almond spread


Warm the almond milk with the two sugars, then melt the gelatine into it . Let it rest. When it becomes firmer add the previously whipped cream to mixture .

Pour the mixture into your favorite candy molds  and store them into the refrigerator. A correct freezing is very important because allow to take the blancmange out of the molds without break them.

When they are freezing choose a base for your sweets, for example you can use some biscuits. Take one biscuit and join it to one blancemange with some melted chocolate. Finally put over the blancemange some almond spread.