The Vis extra jams, tasty and genuine as the homemade ones, are produced with abundant fruit, but reduced added sugar. Vis uses only whole or in pieces fruit, not pulps or mashes, that comes from the best Italian and European farms and it is carefully selected and controlled until to be used in the working process. Production is carried out in small lots and at a low temperature, to allow the perfect preservation of the organoleptic properties (aroma, colour and shape) typical of each type of fruit.

The flavours are subject to a continuous evolution: new and rather special tastes like goji, acai, passion fruit and bergamot have been added to the blueberry, blackberry and strawberry.
Vis has a rich and complete range of jam in order to satisfy every palates: Natura & Tradizione, Poesie di Frutta, Più Frutta Light, Più Frutta Benessere, Biodelizia and the single portions.

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