This sweet is very easy to do, in fact, it is necessary only 30 minutes to prepare and it is perfect to serve in these spring days.


- 100g flour

- 80g sugar

- 4 organic eggs

- the grated rind of 1/2 organic lemon

- a pinch of salt

- 1 spoon of cherries Vis jam

For the filling:

- 300 ml fresh cream

- 1 spoon of cherries Vis jam

For the garnish:

- whipped cream

- cherries Vis jam

-  icing sugar


In a bowl whip the eggs, then add the sugar, and continue to whip until you obtain a frothy mixture. Then add the greted rind, a pinch of salt and the flour. Mix all.

Cover a pan with the spacial paper and sprinkle the sugar over it. Then pour the mixture. Pour over it, using a kitchen palette, the jam (slightly warm) and create the tinges.

Cook in a pre-heated oven to 200° for about 15 minutes. Cover the cake-tin with a damp rag and let it cool.


Prepare the filling. In a bowl pour the fresh cream and mix it for 2 minutes with the whisk. Joint the cream with the jam (set aside some spoons of cream to decore the cake roll) and mix gently. Take the biscuit cake and cut the side in order to obtain a perfect rectangul. With a palette spread the cream over the cake and then roll up it.


Store in fridge until the moment to eat. Before serve sprinkle it with icing sugar and decorate it with cream and jam.