The tart with crème patissière and cherries, is a fresh sweet perfect for this season. It is wonderfull to see but all over the all very tasty to eat.


Ingredients for the short pastry:

- 300g flour

- 150g sugar

- 130g butter

- 2 eggs

- lemon rind or little packet  of vanillin


Ingredients for the crème patissière:

- 500ml milk

- 250g sugar

- 4/5 egg’s yolks

- 50g flour 00

- 50g butter or margarine

-aroma vanilla


Ingredients for the decoration:

- cherries Vis jam

- 500g cherries


Prepare the shortcrust pastry and store in the fridge for 2 hours, or still better for the all night. Then prepare the crème patissière.


Spread using a rolling-pin the short pastry on a previously floured work surface, then put it into a cake-pan previously buttered and floured. Using a fork make a lot of hole over the dough. Cook in a pre-heated oven to 180° for 20/25 minutes.


Let it cool and assembly the sweet: make a layer of cherries Vis jam and then a layer of crème patissière. Garnish all with cherries previously washed.