Questi deliziosi dolcetti sono golosi e leggeri,poiché non contengono né burro,ne’ uova. Rimangono morbidi e profumati per giorni, e ad ogni morso, si sprigiona il sapore della confettura in essi contenuta.


To prepare the cake:

- 3 eggs

- 150g erythritol (o 125 gr Sugar)

- 160g raw carrots

- the juice and ind of half a lemon

- the juice of an oange

- the juice and rind of a mandarin (the juice in total must be 160 ml)

- 110g coconut oil (o di olio di semi)

- 40g almond grains

- 230g flour

- half a sachet of baking powder (11 gr)

To prepare the topping:

- 200g ACE jam Visjam

- almond grains

- 1 slice of orange



Whip the eggs with erythritol. Meanwhile, with a blender chop the carrots together with the zest and citrus juice, it is necessary to obtain a homogeneous cream. Add the cream obtained to the whipped eggs, followed by the oil, the chopped almonds and finally the flour and baking powder, both sifted. Mix everything well and pour the mixture into a tart pan (25 cm in diameter). Bake in a ventilated oven at 150° for 30 minutes. Once cold, cover the surface with ACE jam and decorate with 1 slice of orange and chopped almonds.