This recipe is easy, fast to prepare and all over the all very tasty. It is the perfect wedding between the decisive character of the tomino and the sweetness of the fresh fruit and the jam. Seeing is believing


- 2 tomini cheese

- 1 pear

- 1 white nectarine peach

- 1 saturn peach

- 2 teaspoons peach and passion fruit "Più Frutta Benessere"

- olive oil

- black pepper



Wash the fruit and cut into wedges. Heat a grill or a non-stick pan brushing with little oil. Heat the tomini on one side for 1 minute, turn them gently on the other side and spread them with the jam. Heat for 2 minutes more: in this way the cheese will remain compact outside but with a soft heart. Immediately move the tomini on the plates, decorate each with some fruit, completed with freshly ground black pepper and serve (if you like you can add some aromatic herbs like fennel, thyme or rosemary).