This soft cake with a tasty stuffing is perfet for the cold wintry days.


For the cake:

- 125g 00 flour

- 125g butter

- 4 eggs

- 100g caster sugar

- 1/2 packet of yeast powder


For the cream:

- chestnuts jam VIS

- 250ml milk

- a vanilla bean

- 2 yolks

- 30g  maizeina

- bitter cocoa

- chocolate liqueur

- little balls of cereals



Melt the butter in a pan and let it cool. Whip the yolks and the sugar with an electric mix at high speed. Separately whip the albumens with a pinch of salt. United a quarter of the albumens with the yolks, then the flour with the butter and yeast, finally the other albumens.
Pour the compound in a backing tin, previously covered with a special paper,  and cook it for 45 minutes in a pre-heated oven to 180°.Let it cool and overturn the cake on a wire rack for sweets.

For the custard: boil the milk with the vanilla bean. Apart stir with electric beaters the yolks and the sugar to obtain a frothy dough. Add the maizeina and the warm milk and continue to stir it on a medium flame until it thickens.
For the chestnut cream stir the jam with the cocoa, until it will become compact. Add also a drop of chocolate liqueur and incorporate with custard.

Cut the cake into two, pour the chocolate liqueur slightly diluted and spread the cream. Before serve add the balls of cereals and spray some cocoa.