The word from the nutritionist

The big binges are coming: pay attention to your stomach!

During Christmas time we usually make big binges, that put to the test our stomach. One Italian in a three suffers from digestive diseases during the holiday time

Probably you don't know that it’s very easy to avoid indigestions and stomach diseases, indeed, it’s only necessary to follow some little advice.

Take it easy: taste every dish chewing slowly in order to avoid to stress the stomach and make a little break after every food.
Avoid smoking during the meals because it damages the lungs (both yours and the commensals’ ones); moreover the smoke relaxes the muscles of the valve between the stomach and the esophagus and this facilitates the return of food and acids.
Reduce the portions of the foods that are hard to digest as the cured meats, the seasoned cheeses and the fried foods. Also the gassy drinks, the chocolate, the spicy food, the pickles and the brine are very hard to digest.

Don’t exaggerate with coffee and tonic liquors because the caffeine increases the production of acids in the stomach and the tonic liquors contain high quantity of sugar that overcharges your liver.

Forget the sofa: after the meals avoid the nap, but make a healthy walk that aids to digest and oxygenate the tissues of your organism.

Drink warm infusions that aid to digest, in particular it is very advised the red tea, the green tea, the liquorice, the yarrow and the peppermint

These advice are very useful to help you to avoid stomach diseases, but remember that they don’t authorize you to exaggerate!

Published 21 December 2016