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Organic: good for the nature, good for you

Would you like to have more information about the organic foods? You like the organic products but you don't know how to recognize them? In this article you can find some advice to enter in the world of organic foods.

What’s the organic farming? The organic farming is a form of agriculture that accepts only the use of substances present in nature excluding the synthetic ones (for example pesticides). This different way to farm and to breed the animals was born both to offer products without agrochemical residues and to reduce the pollution of the water, soil and air.


Some agronomical aspects are essential for the organic farming and in particular the fertility of the soil, that is guaranteed with: the use of organic fertilizing, the crop rotation and the use of processes that improve the structure of the soil and the percentage of organic substances. The adversities of the trees are fought only with vegetal, mineral or animal preparations that are not of chemical synthesis (except some products that are considered traditional) and choosing the organic fight (except the cases where the use of other product is obligatory).


The animals are bred with techniques that respect their wellness and are nourished with vegetal products that respect the principles of organic farming. The farmers don’t use techniques that force the animal growth and industrial methods of breeding ; the animal diseases are cured with homoeopathy remedies and using medicines only in the particular cases.


Published 21 March 2017