The word from the nutritionist

Anti-cold foods: the aliments that aids you to face the low temperature

With this harsh climate it’s necessary pay a lot of attention to the food eaten, in addition to use warm clothing. To contrast the shock of the low temperature it’s important choose foods that aid to heat your body and to boost the immune system.

For do it you have to choose foods rich in vitamins and in mineral salts as seasonal fresh fruit and vegetable: oranges, clementines, tangerines, kiwi, potatos, warts and onions. Yuo can also eat dryed fruits, maybe combined with vegetable, but pay attention to not exagerate: it is true that in winter the body needs more energy to produce heat, but nuts, hazelnuts and almonds are rich in calories and will cause weight.

Perfect are also the foods rich in proteins and iron as legumes, meat, fish and egg. The consume of proteins produces heat for an effect called dietary induced thermogenesis and keeps high the metabolism, instead the iron is essential for maintain optimum body temperature.

Exist also a induced thermogenesis produced from the consume of nervine substances as coffee, the, cocoa, guarana but they can have a negative effect on your body if you consume an eccessive quantity of them. For this reason is better prefer an infusion that gives you a warming sensation and you can benefit of the specifical properties of the chosen infusion .

Also the spieces can help you to increase your body temperature and stimolate the metabolism, for example: cinnamon, ginger, curcuma, cardamom, horseradish and hot pepper.

From all of this you can understand way the soups are the queens of the winter meal: they are easy to prepare, nutririous and perfect for the diet and allow you to face the cold.


Published 08 January 2018