The word from the nutritionist

How convince your sons to eat fruit and vegetable?

All parents know that is very hard to convince their sons to eat fruit and vegetable. But the mineral salts, the vitamins and the fibres content into these aliments are very important in the children alimentation. Well, but how can aid your sons to adopt correct dietary habits?

 It’s not easy to do it, because the children have a sense of taste different to the adults; generally they prefer simply tastes , with a unique flavour. For introducing the vegetable in the children's alimentation it is necessary to “hide”  them, for example transforming the fruit in smoothie, fruit salad or kebabs, the vegetables can used to prepare strained cream soup, mashed potatoes,  meatball or salted cake, maybe with a lot of cheese that gives a more inviting look to the dish.


Avoid to give gratification or punishment associated to the food and don’t force the child to eat vegetable if he don’t want it. Not give up easily but continue to propose fruit and vegetable, the tastes of children often change: the food don’t appreciate today can be appreciated tomorrow.
Propose little portions: overflowing dishes with carrots or spinaches can scare the child, instead he can be willing to eat a little quantity. In addition, the habit to consume little portions can be a good defence against the obesity.


Involve your sons during the preparation of the dishes, for example ask them to flour the courgettes, to mix the corn and tomatoes, to put the vegetables into the saucepan. Can be very interesting and funny go with the children to the local markets and choose together the vegetables to kitchen for the dinner.  The most important thing to teach a correct dietary habit it’s eating together, maybe chatting and without the tv

Published 11 April 2017