The word from the nutritionist

How can you have a good breakfast even when you are in a hurry?

Everybody knows that it’s very important to have a good breakfast in the morning, but unfortunately a high percentage of Italian people (3 in 5) avoids this important meal. Often the cause of this is the hurry that characterizes contemporary life.

Often the cause of this is the hurry that characterizes contemporary life. Many people prefer to have a fast breakfast in a coffee bar with cappuccino and croissant, very good for the palate, but not advised for its nutritional value, because it contains a high quantity of sugars and fats.

It only takes you 10 minutes to have a healthy breakfast; the secret? The efficiency and the collaboration of all the members of the family. If you have a little time in the morning, you can prepare something the evening before. Another good idea is to pre-empt of 10 minutes the alarm clock: the first days it will be surely hard, but then it will become a habit.

If you don’t like coffee, you can choose other hot drinks, very rapid to prepare as the American coffee (ready in one minute), the soluble barley, very rich in proteins, fibres, vitamins and mineral salts, or the milk with chocolate. If you drink a glass of cold milk it’s necessary less than one minute to prepare it or a little more time, if you prefer it warm.

If you are very lazy, your ideal breakfast is a yogurt with cereals, dried and fresh fruit, maybe with some drops of honey and some milk to make it more creamy. But if you have some more time, you can eat a toasted slice of bread with some little spoons of jam, in order to have all the necessary energy to face the morning.

Published 01 April 2016