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A grandmother’s remedy: the hot-water bottle

Do you remember when you were young and your mother or grandmother gave you the hot-water bottle to warm your icy feet in bed?

The hot-water bottle has been an instrument to warm the bed since ancient age. In the origin it was a glass bottle full of hot water covered with cloths, in order to keep the heat for a long time. The kind of item that everyone known is the classical hot-water bottle covered with a particular rubber that allows to keep the heat for longer time, but today it has been surpassed by the electrical models present on the market, that are able to warm the water automatically.

The grandmothers have always used the hot-water bottle, not only for its warming property, but also as a panacea for all diseases. But is it really efficient? The science has shown that this natural remedy can truly placate the aches that benefit from the heat.

It’s not possible to assert that the hot-water bottle can substitute the medicines, but surely it can increase the effects of analgesics and it is useful to reduce the diseases caused by muscular contractures, backaches, menstrual aches and abdominal cramps.

But even if you aren’t ill, the hot-water bottle is a precious friend in winter months and can warm you in every moment of a day, as for example when you read or study, when it’s very hard to find the necessary concentration when you are cold.

But independently of the use, embracing the hot-water bottle is always an unmissable cuddle for children and adults.

Published 01 December 2016