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Raspberry: an excellent ally of the health

Do you know that the raspberry has many excellent therapeutical proprieties?

The raspberry is a tasty berry with a particular flavour that you can find in the mountain woods. This fruit, that has been appreciated since the ancient ages, has many excellent therapeutical proprieties and for this reason it is very appreciated today by popular therapy.
The raspberries are very rich in vitamin C (25 mg per 100g) and B, in organic acids (citric, malic, oxalic, succinic and in particular ellagic), in anthocyanin, in tannins and pectins.


A recent research of Cnr said that these little fruits contain high quantity of a particular natural antioxidant that has potent protective proprieties for the human tissues. The raspberries have only 35 kcal for 100g and for this reason they are advised in the hypocalorical diets. They have refreshing, diuretic, protective for the blood vessel and antioxidant action; finally, according to the popular tradition, their juice is an antinflamatory for the throat and mouth.


In the herbalism are used both the leaves (to prepare decoction and infused mixing it with the leaves of other plants) and the fruits (to prepare syrup or wine). The raspberries can also have a cosmetic use, in fact, they are excellent as emollient and revitalizing mask: it is only necessary to squash the fresh fruits and let them on the face, for some times, and then clear with lukewarm water.


Published 11 July 2016