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Lime: not only for cocktail

Lime is the fruit of Citrus aurantiifolia, that grows up in tropical areas. The fruits are little and with a thin skin and are picked up still green, when they are more juicer.

The juice of this fruit is used to prepare different cocktails as Caipirinha, Mojito and Daiquiri. In kitchen the lime juice has a secondary rule respect to its cousin, although it is just as versatile and  tasty  as lemon.  It’s perfect to soak chicken, fish and pork, it can also use to cook the fish  without fire in  a recipe called caviche (typical of some Latin America).

The lime is the ingredient of different  Indian (usually in combination with curry), Vietnamese, Thai  and Mexican recipes.   With lemon and lime you can also produce marmalades, jams and juices. The leaves and rind are rich in essential oils that are used in perfumes, herbal sector and in cosmetics industry to produce body oils, hair products, soaps, disinfectants, mouthwashes , deodorants and different other products.

Unfortunately not many people know that the lime is a great alley of your health and your beauty because it is rich in vitamin C, vitamins of group B, mineral salts (in particular potassium and magnesium). This fruit favourite the digestion and has a lot of tonic, refreshing, diuretic and antiseptics properties


Published 01 June 2018