The word from the nutritionist

The secret to lose weight? Chew slowly!

Every day you spend a very short time for the meals: a sandwich eaten fast in a coffee, a pizza devoured in front of the tv, different snacks consumed instead of the lunch…in this way it is very easy to put weight.

It’s important to take up the correct time to eat and all over the all to chew slowly.  Because of the chaotic rhythm of the modern life, you spend a little time at table. The job, the tasks, the house cleaning leave you a little time to eat.

A research of the Osaka University in Japan, that was published on British Medical Journal, has studied the alimentary habits of 3.000 subjects and has shown that the people who eat very fast have more than 84% of probability to get fat then those who eat slowly.  The appointed system to the transmission of the sense of surfeit goes in tilt if the food is consumed too fast; in fact it’s necessary 20 minutes before that the brain receives the surfeit signal from the stomach. If you eat slowly, you allow that the signal arrives to the brain before you introduce to much food.

The psychologists from the Birmingham University (United Kingdom) have shown that chewing every bite for about 30 seconds aids to reduce the attacks of hunger in the hours after the meal. The study says also that a correct chewing influences your desire to eat snacks during the day that causes the overweight.

Instead of devouring the food, learn to take the correct time for the meals in order to taste the thousand shades of every dish, to enjoy the company of your relatives and to have a moment of relax far from the stress of daily life… it’s sure that both your physical and your mind will benefit.

A piece of advice to learn to eat slowly: lean the fork on the table till you haven’t finished to chew… the proof of the pudding!


Published 07 September 2016