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How to nurce insomnia with natural remedies

A good sleep is essential to face the day with energy, in fact, the sleep is fundamental for the health and the psychophysical wellness of your body.

A nice rest allows a good working of your immune system, better concentration and more serenity.
Unfortunately every night many Italians do the counts with insomnia. What is this disease and how can you face it? The word ‘insomnia’ is used both to indicate the difficulty to fall asleep and the problems of bad sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by some factors as: anxiety, stress and excessive excitation. Many times this disease is caused by a temporary situation, for example a flu, a cold or a bronchitis, and to resolve the problem it’s only necessary to wait for the healing. But when the problem doesn’t vanish it’s necessary to find some remedies to restart to make peaceful dreams.

Here you can find some suggestions to face insomnia in a natural way. The first thing to do is the adoption of a correct life style: to go to sleep at the same hour every night and never after midnight, to awake early in the morning and not to doze in the afternoon, to eat only light and healthy foods avoiding dishes difficult to digest, not to consume chocolate, the, coffee, drinks with guaranà or ginseng before going to sleep.

It is also suggested to take a warm bath and to drink a glass of hot milk before going to sleep, to use a mattress suitable for your needs, to dress a comfortable pajamas and to regulate the temperature of your room so that it’s not too warm.  If in despite of this you have not resolved the problems, you can try with the herbal medicine. There are different products that facilitates the sleep, as for example the infusions of chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower, lime or hops.

Also meditation is an efficient remedy against the insomnia: a research of Ramedevi Gourineni, director of the “Insomnia program” of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital of Illinois, has showed as a group of people who suffered from chronical insomnia has obtained a lot of benefits from the techniques of meditation.

You can try to face the disease with yoga too, in fact, thanks to some of its breathing techniques it is possible to relax mind and body, obtaining a state of wellness that facilitates the sleep.
It’s very important not to underestimate this problem because, as Thomas Dekker, an English playwright of the Elizabethan era, wrote: the sleep is the golden string that holds together our health and our body.

Published 30 November 2016