The word from the nutritionist

Kiwi: pure emeralds

The kiwi is very famous for its color, brilliant green, and for its juicy and refreshing taste, but not everybody knows that this fruit is very rich in vitamins, mineral salts and fibers.

 In particular, its content of vitamin C is so high (more than that of lemon and orange), that a single fruit satisfies your daily need. It’s also useful for the prevention of cramps, thanks to its potassium content, and of constipation for its fibers content.

The kiwi is a very good ally of your health, in fact, it is laxative, diuretic and antioxidant, it aids to reinforce the immune defense system and to reduce the bad cholesterol. It’s very advisable to eat one kiwi for breakfast because, thanks to its energizer properties, it helps you to face the day with grit; in addition it’s light (only 40-60 kcal for 100g of product) and for this it doesn’t make your stomach heavy.

You can cut the kiwi in two parts and eat each one with a little spoon, or cut it in thin slices and sprinkle them with lemon and sugar, or add it to your fruit salad. It’s also possible to eat the rind, previously washed and lightly brushed, because it isn’t noxious.

The kiwi is used both for the preparation of sweets (tarts, milkshakes, ice creams, popsicles) and salt dishes, for example colored summer salads, tasty carpaccio of fish (tuna, salmon, swordfish) or a very particular risotto.


Published 01 January 2017