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Apricot: friend of your beauty

This article is about the apricots that are one of the most appreciate fruit thanks to its velvet-smooth peel, its soft and juicy pulp, its yellow-orange colour and its slightly acid flavor.

The apricots have a high index of satiety because are very rich in soluble fiber and for this they are recommended in the hypocaloric diet. Besides, they have a high content in proteins, sugar, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins (B, C and PP) but, all over the all they are very rich in carotenoids, that protect the internal and external surfaces of the organism and for this they aid your body to prevent the aging effects and aid the sunburn.


The apricots are considered reconstituent and tonic fruits, thanks to their high content of mineral salt, so they can be eaten in case of weakness, anemia, irritability, insomnia and psychophysical asthenia, during the convalescences, during the growing and the aging. The apricots have also laxative properties for the presence of the sorbitol.


The vitamins and the carotene present in this fruit are ideal to take care of the sink; in fact, the apricot seed-oil is used to produce regenerating and nourishing creams for the face.


Published 01 June 2016