The word from the nutritionist

The alimentation during the wintry holidays

It’s very pleasant to have dinner with friends and colleagues and lunch with relatives eating tasty food. Unfortunately for many people Christmas time may become very stressful, in particular for those who would like to respect a correct diet.

The statistics say that 46% of Italian people to diet when the wintry holidays finish. To make fat is very easy during this time, in fact, a traditional lunch has a high caloric content (about 1.500- 2.000 kcal) and if you consider the snacks (for example sweets and dried fruit) eaten during the day and the absence of physical activity it’s easy to understand the reason of your fatten. To eat more elaborated food, very rich in fats and in sugar, than in the rest of the year fatigues your body and alters your metabolism.


If you want to avoid to make fat it’s no necessary to renounce the invitation, in fact, it’s only necessary to follow some simple advice to face the Christmas lunch in the best way. If you have a correct diet during all year you can allow yourself some little pleasures compensating with a light alimentation the days after. It’s very dangerous for your body and for your health to continue to eat during the day: it’s preferable to eliminate chocolate, sweets and all snacks. It’s very important to avoid to fast short before and after Christmas because this can damage the body. It’s also important to eat food cooked with vapour and not much flovoured, to taste only a finger of wine, to limitate cold meats, choosing ham among them. Of course a fish menu is the best of all if you avoid the fattest ones.


Eat some vegetables before starting lunch, in fact they allow to feal full so that you can face the lunch without too much hunger. Substitute the “pandoro” and the “panettone” with a fruit sherbet, but if you can’t renounce to the typical Christmas sweet, don’t taste it with cream or ice cream. After the dinner drink a lot of plate water, green tea or an infusion in order to depurate your body from the excessive food and alcohol that you have consummated. During the afternoon make a walk that can have a positive effect on your metabolism. Don’t forget that the real spirit of Christmas is not eat a lot but to have a good time with you family.


Published 15 December 2016