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L'ananas panacea of all evils

Do you know the beneficial properties of pineapple? Many people think that this fruit is the panacea of all evils…maybe it is an exaggeration, but surely the pineapple has different properties. Discover them!

For the first the pineapple contains about 90% of water and in the remaining 10% there are: sugars, bromelain, essential oil, organic acids (citric, malic and oxalic acid), vitamins (carotenoids, vitamin A, B, C), amino acid, proteins, mineral salts (iodine, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium). It has only 40kcal for 100g of product.


The pineapple has different beneficial properties thanks to the bromelain, a substance contained in the stem of the fruit. The bromelain in particular renders more digestible the complex proteins, in particular those of the meat.  This substance, has an anti-inflammatory activity (without collateral effects for the human gastrointestinal tract), besides, it has both a hypotensival and a fluidificant action.
The pineapple has other beneficial properties: the organic acids contained in the fruit have a diuretic function that is able to hinder the water retention.


Maybe you don’t know that this fruit has also important benefits for the skin: the vitamin C, the carotenoids and the manganese joint with antioxidant substances, aid to keep luminous and elastic the skin and slacken the appearance of wrinkles.


It is important to remember that to obtain all the benefits you have to consume the fresh fruit or the dried extract; the fruit preserved into the syrup hasn’t the same benefits for these reasons: for the first the syrup is very caloric and then to obtain the product the pineapple and the syrup have to be worked at high temperature and for this the fruit loses different properties.


Published 16 January 2017