The word from the nutritionist

The skier's snack

Discover the ideal snack to recover the energy that you have spent during the activity.

The skier’s alimentation has to be: rich in nourishing principles, able to produce quickly energy, with many kinds of food but easy of digestion and able to keep constant the Glycemic index, in order to avoid energy loss during the activity. It’s important to remember that who practices ski spends many energies both for the muscular activity and for the necessity to fight the cold.


It’s necessary to start the day with a very good Italian breakfast, in fact, many times people miss the lunch in order to spend all day skiing, and for this reason a good snack in the afternoon is very important to recover the energies that you have spent. An ideal snack has to have a correct mix of nourishing principles: starch in prevalence, a little quantity of simple sugars and a moderate contribution of proteins, so avoid bread with cold cuts that is too much rich in proteins and in fats.


Today all hotels and chalets propose a very tasty “skier’s snack” with cheese and cold cuts that can be eaten only if you don’t have to drive, because it’s not easy of digestion and can produce sleepiness. To have a good, natural and genuineness snack prepare at home some bread with jam or honey and maybe a thermos of tea.


Published 12 January 2017