The word from the nutritionist

The peach: the best loved fruit by Italians

The peach is a fruit rich in promises: under its rosy and velvety skin there is a sweet, juicy and fragrant pulp, and probably for these reasons it is the best loved fruit by Italians.

The peach is a perfect midmorning snack because it’s fresh, thirst quenching and low-calorie, besides it supplies sugars without weighing down and it is easy to digest. This dainty fruit is rich in water, in potassium, in iron, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A, fibers and antioxidants.

It is slightly laxative and diuretic, it’s able to recover the mineral salts lost with the perspiration, to stimulate the gastric juices and to regulate the blood pressure thanks to its potassium and manganese content. The peach aids to strengthen the bones and the teeth thanks to its content in fluorine; its beta-carotene content protects the skin and the eyes and stimulates the melatonin that facilitates the tan.


This delicious fruit is very appreciated in cosmetics, in particular, its pulp is used to prepare creams, masks (refreshing, moisturizing, exfoliating), bath oils and soaps; while its juice is used to obtain an excellent toning lotion and lotions to soften the blotches.


The peach is also the queen of the cuisine, in fact, different creations can be made with it: peaches with butter, with cream, with various sauces, with wine, but it can also be eaten in fruit salad, in syrup, dried, candied, in pies, pastries, Bavarian creams, puddings, flans, milk shakes, jams, gelling, juices, cocktails, sangria and ice-creams.


In these first days of holiday don’t forget to put a peach under your beach umbrella!

Published 20 June 2016