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The pear: 100% of wellness

This month we have decided to dedicate one article to the pear, because it is eaten by many people, but only few know its several properties.

The pear is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers, in fact, one fruit gives you about 16% of daily fibers requirements. Its periodical consumption aids both to regulate the intestinal functions and to eliminate the cholesterol.

The pear is very filling, thanks to the presence of the pectin, a dietary fiber typical of this fruit. The pectin is also able to keep the glycaemia under control because it regulates the passage of the glucose into the blood and assures a constant absorption avoiding sudden increases.

The pear is very rich in potassium and for this it is very useful to prevent some diseases as blood pressure stress, depression, tiredness and digestive system disorders; in particular for the sportsmen the assumption of potassium aids to protect from muscular cramps. This fruit has also diuretic properties thanks to the high content of potassium associated with the low content of sodium and the high quantity of water.

The pear has low calories (30-35 kcal per 100g) because it is constituted for 85% by water, for this reason it is helpful to satisfy the daily water need. The high content of calcium and phosphorus has a protective action for bones aiding to prevent the osteoporosis. The pear is advised for the people who suffer from high pressure, thanks to its low sodium content.

Finally the pear juice has purifying and diuretic effects, and it’s advised for those who suffer from anemia and feel tired.

Published 30 November 2016