The word from the nutritionist

The golden rules against the seasonal illness

High temperature, cough, nasty cold, throat-ache, sleepiness and general diseases are all the typical symptoms of the seasonal influence, and unfortunately all people known them.

Don’t worry, to fight them you can adopt some easy advice! Eat a high quantity of fruit and vegetables in order to have a good supply of vitamins: pumpkins, cauliflowers, legumes, pomegranates, grapes, tangerines and kiwi are ideal in this season. Every morning pay attention to ensure a good energetic reserve for your body, in order to avoid to have alimentary lacks during the day. Maybe you can choose a breakfast with bran, cereals or wholemeal bread that are able to stimulate the GPR43, a receptor that increases the immune system blocking the inflammatory process and improving the defenses of infectious illness.


It’s necessary to ensure a correct quantity of mineral salts for your body, but it’s also very important to eat foods rich in proteins and in omega3, for example red meats or fishes, that aid your body to increase its protection against the external attacks. Use the spices to flavour your dishes that allow to reduce the consumption of salt and favorite the perspiration and then the stabilization of the body temperature.


Make physical activities also in winter to keep strong and active your immune system; in particular the most indicated sports are: swimming, cycling, march and running. Don’t forget to wash and wipe very well your hands, in fact, with them you touch very frequently the eyes and the mouth, that are the points of penetration of pathogens. Avoid the changes of temperature and choose with attention your dresses in order to protect yourself against the cold. Finally if you fall ill stay at home until you are in good form.

Published 31 January 2017