The word from the nutritionist

How much health in an ice-cream!

The ice cream is always very appreciated by both adults and children, but may be not everybody knows that this delicacy is also a healthy and nourishing food.

The ice cream has important nourishing principles: it is rich in proteins and in vitamins and it’s also very digestible; therefore, if you don’t exaggerate, it has positive effects on your body.


It’s important to choose a homemade ice cream because it’s daily produced with fresh ingredients, different to the industrial one that is often made with powdered milk, vegetable fats, flavorings and colorings.


A recent research of the “Institute of Italian Ice Cream” shows that three Italians out of every one hundred have an ice cream for lunch; this is a phenomenon in rapid growth in particular during the summer. The reason? It is a fast and fresh snack, but also light and nourishing and can be eaten while you go for a walk.


Dou you think that a single portion of ice cream is not sufficient to satisfy your hunger? Have no fear! You don’t need to eliminate the ice cream from your table, but it’s only necessary to balance the daily calorie intake. For example, you can have a low-calorie meal (meat or fish with salad) and at the end eat an ice cream or one sorbet.


This little gluttony sin has beneficial effects also on your humor: a Londoner research shows that eating an ice cream sundae activates the part of cerebral cortex where the positive emotions are based; that said… you can taste a good ice cream without feeling guilty, because it renders everybody more satisfied and happy.

Published 30 June 2016