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Headache? Nurce it in a natural way!

Thick head, temples that hammer, aching neck, burning eyes, nausea: all these are symptoms of the classic headache, that affects 2,5 billion of people and that is considered the seventh disease more disabling in the world.

The people who suffer from a chronic form of migraine need a medical advice, whereas if the disease is occasional, you can try to alleviate it with natural remedies. To face the headache it is often sufficient a good sleep or a hot shower, other times you can put a hot or cold water bottle over the aching part. A deep breathing or a delicate massage on the temples are other two good solutions to alleviate the migraine.

There are also other less well-known methods that aid you to face this fastidious disease, as for example:

- To do a gripped bandage around the head: it is an old remedy, but very efficient because the bandage aids to reduce the afflux of blood to the scalp, lowering the pulsations typical of the migraine.

- To drink a cup of coffee: thanks to its vasoconstrictor action, the caffeine has an analgesic effect; for this reason this substance is present in many prescriptions against headache. Instead an excessive consume of caffeine can produce dependence on coffee and cause a chronic headache.

- To sip a hot infusion: it aids to relax yourself, in particular if it is a preparation of chamomile, orange blossom, lavender, lemon, marjoram, lemon balm or valerian.

- To practice the aromatherapy: there are aromatic essences that relieve congestion of the breathing apparatus and for this they are useful against the headache caused by sinusitis. Instead, the essences that have a relaxing effect are used against the muscle-bound migraine.

- The phytotherapy that employs infusions, mother tinctures or essence of herbaceous plants that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

- The homeopathy: there are many therapies perfect for the different kinds of headache.

- The Bach flower remedies are a natural therapy to equilibrate the upset emotional state that produces the headache.


Published 31 March 2016