The word from the nutritionist

How can you have a good breakfast even when you are in a hurry?

The Pilates Method is a training system developed in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates that drew inspiration from ancient oriental disciplines as Yoga (India) and Do-In (Japan).

He created this discipline to improve his physical form, in fact, he was weak and sickly and thanks to this gymnastic Pilates became very athletic.

The Pilates Method is based on the combination between breathing and movement ; the exercises aid to relax the muscles that are mainly used during the day and to reinforce the parts that are usually ignored.

The objective of Pilates method is to aid people to move with elegance and equilibrium thanks to the respect of some basics of this technique: concentration, control, fluidity of the movement, precision and respiration.

The Pilates exercises give many benefits both to the body and to the mind ; they aid to couteract chronic diseases as backache and cervical ache,they improve the cardiovascular and respiratory system, they increase the flexibility of articulations and the muscle tone, they alleviate the stress, they aid to prevent the depression and improve the quality of the sleep.

The practice of Pilates is also useful to harden the arms and the legs, to reinforce the muscles of shoulder and back, to reshape the chest, the waistline and the abdominals. To obtain good effects in a short time it’s advisable to practice the exercises every morning before having breakfast.

With the Pilates method the body has benefits both in health and in beauty enduring for a very long time.

Published 01 April 2016