The word from the nutritionist

Red-currant: bright jewels

The red-currant is one of the most beautiful fruit, in fact, its berries hang on the branches like bright jewels and when they are lighted by the sun it seems that little seeds float into them.

These fruits are very rich in vitamin C and in potassium, they also contain calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and organic acids (malic, citric and tartaric acid); for its chemical composition the red-currant has a diuretic, refreshing and lightly laxative action. For the popular therapy it is advisable to eat these fruits if you suffer of: rheumatisms, arthritis, gout, dyspepsia and liver failure; the redcurrant juice can be used to cure the inflammations of the mouth.


The fruits are very used alone or with other fruits to produce juices, “sorbetti”, syrups and jams. It is also used to prepare meat dishes in the northern cuisine art. For the beauty of these berries the red-currant is the perfect garnishing for many sweet and salt dishes.


Published 04 August 2016