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Discover the essential oils

The essential oils have known since ancient ages for the influence that they have on various parts of our body, but they also are able to act on the psyche, the intellectual performance, the memory and relaxation besides to promote sleep.

The actions of the essential oils, thanks to their chemical constituents, aroma and flavor, involving different part of your body. Some essential oils are exciting (for example nutmeg and mint) and stimulants (basil, lemon, mint) while others have a calming effect (chamomile, lemon balm, verbena). The aroma emanating is able to stimulate the nerve endings in the nose coming to places olfactory centers in the brain, in this way the conditioning the mood and the nervous system.

The essential oils can be used in various ways, but in general it always advice to check that you are not allergic to the active substances contained in them, for this put a small drop on the skin before proceeding with aromatherapy. It is also possible to their oral intake, but  it’s important to ask the opinion of an expert.  if  you apply the oil directly to the skin  and it is quickly absorbed: put a few drops of pure oil on the wrists or on the temples or behind the ears and have a massage.

The most common system to use the oil is the speaker: pour a few drops into the bowl of the speaker, dilute with water, light the candle below and wait for the fragrance will spread in the environment.

Published 30 November 2016