The word from the nutritionist

Post-vacation blues? Face it at table

Are you tired and very irritable althogh you have just returned from your holiday? Dont't worry, they are the typical symptoms of the post-vacation blues.

The post vacation is one of the most critical moment of the year: the sadness for the end of the holiday is associated with the tiredness, the loss of appetite, head and heart diseases, muscular-ache, irritability and humour diseases. All these problems are symptoms of the post-vacation blues.Fortunately the duration of these symptoms is short (about 10 days), but in order to face this time in the best way it’s important to follow some easy advice:


- sleep more and moderate the consumption of food and alcohol and, if you smoke, reduce the number of cigarettes

- return from the vacation place some days before you start the work in order to resume your uses

- don’t think at the work

- choose a correct diet


To choose a correct diet is very important to face the post-vacation blues. In particular the consummation of food containing simple sugars (the fruit for example) allows to your body to produce the serotonina that is able to stimulate the relaxation. But this isn’t the only benefit of the consummation of fruit and vegetables, in fact, they allow the regeneration of your body thanks to their characteristics (high content of fibres, water and mineral salts) associated with a low caloric content. Also the kids suffer from the post-vacation blues. It’s very important to face this disease with a correct diet and spending more time in open air.


Published 01 September 2016