Tasty jars of orange gelatine, raspberries jam and Greek yogurt

Imma Blog Dolci a GOGO

Recipe proposed by Imma Blog Dolci a GOGO

These jars are light, healthy and very tasty. They are perfect both as afternoon snack and dessert.


For 4 little jars:

- 500 ml orange juice (circa 6/7 oranges)

- 12,5g S. Martino BioSun preparation

- 1 jar of raspberries "Più Frutta Light" jam

- 150g vanilla Greek yogurt

- 200g brown sugar



In a bowl pour the orange juice, the sugar and the BioSun preparation, Cook for 3 minutes, the divede the mixture in 4 jars. Put them in fridge for about 10 minutes.

Take out of fridge and add in every jar some spoon od rasperries jam and for last the Greek yogurt. Store them in fridge until you serve them.