The joint between the ACE jam and the bitter chocolate is simply spectacular, discover it in these biscuits that are perfect for the tea time.


- 350g flour

- 70g cornflour

-  3 yolks

-  250g butter

- 150g sugar

- 1 packet of yeast

-  1/2 small glass of liquor (your favoured)

-  Vis Ace jam

- bitter chocolate



Mix the yolk with the butter until you obtain a soft cream, then add the butter (previously melted) and amalgamate al using a mixer.  Add the flour, the cornflour and the yeast. Work the dough using a wood spoon, then flavour the mixture with the liquor. Continue to work with your hands until you obtain a soft ball. Store in fridge for about 30 minutes and then cut a lot of small ball.

Flatten slighly every ball creating a small hole in the middle.  Cook in a pre-heaten oven to 150° for about 15 minutes.

Let them cold and put a small spoon of jam in the hole of every biscuit. Finally sprinkle everyone with melted bitter chocolate.