A fresh dessert with ricotta cheese and soft heart of ‘Più Frutta Benessere” Vis

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Recipe proposed by Veronica - Blog Dolci Armonie

A good fresh sweet with ricotta cheese and soft heart of pineapple and Yellow kiwi jam.


Ingredients for two (10 cm diameter cup):

- 125g of ricotta cheese

- 1 spoon of refined sugar

- 6 pistachio nuts from Bronte

- 2 spoons of Pineapple and yellow kiwi “Più Frutta Benessere Vis” jam

- 1 package of Pavesini (about 10 biscuits )

- almond milk to wet biscuits

- pistachio nut’s grain and Vis jam to decorate


Put the ricotta cheese well drained in a bowl with the refined sugar, mix well to obtain a smooth and creamy soft, then add the pistachio nuts shredded and mix the ingredients. Lined the walls of the small cup with the Pavesini after slightly wet in the almond milk. Pour on the bottom of the cup the ricotta cheese cream, balance out it well and place above two tablespoons of pineapple and yellow kiwi Vis jam, cover the jam with the remaining ricotta cream, with the aid of the back of a spoon levelled well the cream and place above the Pavesini to form the base. Leave it in the freezer for at least two hours. Past the rest time tourn out the sweet on a dish, garnish the top with jam slightly dissolved on a little flame and with pistachio nut’s grain. Wait about ten minutes before serving. Good dessert !