This is an afternoon snack with a Sicilian-exotic flovour: a tasty granita with avocado enriched with peach jam.


- 180g avocado
- 250 ml water
- 40g brown sugar
- the juice of half lemon
- 2 leaves of mint


For the Topping:
-  "Più Frutta Light" peach jam
- flakes of coconut
- leaves of mint



Cut the avocado in little squares, put them into a blender and add the sugar, the mint and the lemon juice. Start the blender and pour water slowly. Mix until you obtain a semi-liquid mixture. Pour it into a container for the ice-cream ans store it in fridge for 1 hour. Take out of the fridge and mix the granita with a fork in order to avoid that it crystallize. Repet this operation for three times every hour. Before serve let the granita at room temperature for 5/10 minutes. Mix it well and pour into the goblets. Garnish every glass with a spoon of peach jam, coconut flakes and mint leaves