Bon we propoese you a very tasty meal: Spaghetti with pears, nuts and a sprinkle of Pesteda.


Ingredients for 4 person:

- 5 pears

- 15 walnuts

- extra virgin oil of olive

- salt

- Pesteda Vis


Cut in cubes three pears, after having removed peel and core, put three spoons of extra virgin oil of olive in a non-stick frying pan. Add the cubes of pears and mince roughly the nuts of walnut to add them into the pears sauce. When it will slightly be flaked, cook the pasta and mix the gravy. Toss well the pasta and add some pinches of Pesteda. Peel and cut in slices the last two pears. Put in every dish, three slices of pear, the desired quantity of spaghetti and another pinch of Pesteda. Time for preparation.. at most 15 minutes. (as a match, a delicate type of aromatic wine like, for example, Traminer).