Dumplings of pâte brisée with cottage cheese and lingonberries

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Recipe proposed by Imma - Blog Dolci a GoGo

What about a delicious sweet to satisfy glycemic rapture? These dumplings of shortcrust pastry filled with blueberry jam and ricotta are perfect to you.


- 300g flour

- 80g cold water

- 10g salt

- 1 sppon of sugar

- 150g butter

- 200g cheese cottage

- 1 jar of lingonberries extra jam Vis


Mix the flour with the salt, the sugar and butter previously cutted in cubes. Kneading with the the hands all ingredients and add the cold water in order to obtain a smooth dough.

Wrap it in a special foil and store in fridge for about 1 hour, then spread the dought (1 thickness). Using a cooking-cutter (or a glass) cut different disks, then pour in everyone a spoon of jam and one of cheese cottage. Fold the disk on itself in order to form a half-moon and pay attention to press well the edges for sealing the dumplings.

Cook them in a pre-heated oven to 200° for about 10/15 minuts.