The word from the nutritionist

Choose a good diet in the old age

The International Scientific Community recognize the importance of a correct and balanced alimentation to prevent diseases and to keep a good health.

It’s important to respect this rule at every ages but, in particular, the old people. The kind of alimentation that you have during youth affects your health during the old age, in the same way the alimentation during the senescence influences the quality of the life in the elder. In particular the stomach of the elders can’t easily digest and tolerate the food for this it’s important to correctly distribute the food during the day; the best solution is: three lunches and two snacks in a day.


For the pensioned people, that haven’t urgent engagements, is easier to respect a correct distribution of the food during a day. In fact, they can have a quiet breakfast with milk, bread and jam, energetic products that allow them to start the day in a good way. They can have a snack in the half of morning with fruit or yogurt in order to arrive at midday without pangs of appetite or crises of hypoglycemia. The snack of the afternoon is fundamental to have a light dinner that doesn’t heavy the repose.


It’s not important only choose a correct distribution of the food but also prepare it in a tasty way and to well lay the table: eating is not only a biological need it’s also a daily pleasure. The meal moment has to be an occasion to discover healthy and genuine pleasure whetted the taste and the smell.


Published 01 March 2017