The word from the nutritionist

Spring fadigue: face it at table!

Also you, as many people, in these days, suffer of a general tiredness? Nothing serious it is simply the "spring fadigue" that strikes you when your body feels the arrival of spring.

The change of the temperature and the length of day stimulate your endocrine apparatus to increase the production of hormones and neurotransmitters, which in turn demand an increase of the metabolic activity of all organs. Therefore your body has to be more active and has to increase its performance, but after a long winter it hasn't sufficent energy adjust to these changes and for this it reacts signalling a tiredness apparently unjustified. Usally these symptoms disappear after few weeks, but in this period aid your body with a correct alimentation.

It's important the intakes of vitamins and mineral salts, in particular iron, potassium and magnesium, for this reason it's necessary to consume a lot of seasonal fruit and vegetable, preferably raw. It's necessary to eat the vitamins of B group that are present in: egg, milk, yogurt, meat (as chicken, beef and turkey) and fish (as salmon and tuna). They are present olso in some vegetables: soja, legumes, green leafy vegetables (chicory, spinach, rucola and chards), asparagus, wheat germ, whole grains and nuts.


Start your day with a light and digestible, but energetical breakfast: a orange juice, a white yogurt with muesli, dried fruit and a seasonal fruit. Also as snack you can eat a fruit or a shake. To face the tiredness it's preferable to do complete meals, in order to give at your body all nutrients: a portion of complex carbohydrates (as pasta, bread, rice, cereal or potato) that gives you the necessary energy, as second course meal, fish or egg (aliments rich in proteins and vitamins of B group). Avoid too fats aliments  that are difficult to digest. It's also important to have a correct hydration (1,5-2 liter of water in a day). Remember that the water is fundamental for the correct function of your body.


Published 13 March 2018