The word from the nutritionist

One hundred step of joy - All benefits of the fast walk

Who says that it is necessary spend several hours in gym or run for different kilometers to have psico-phisycal benefits? A good walk can bring many benefits at your health and fortunately all people can done it. You can walk everywhere and in every moment of a day, you can choose to make alone or with your friends, you can change every day your trip and discover new goals.

The walk is less traumatic then the run, and for this it is for all people. The walk don't give particual estetical results in terms of gluteus firming because the intensity of work done by these muscles is reduced, but the walk improves articular and tendinous elasticity and tonicity.

If you practice this activity with regualarity you can have benefical effects on your metabolism and an improvement of  some parameter as the cholesterol and the blood sugar. In addition walking reinforces your cardio-circularory sisitem, reduce the risk of heart diseases, aids to reduce the blood pressure, to control the risk of diabetes of type 2 and to keep the a correct weigh.

The walk increase the endorphin level (the happiness hormone) and reduce the  cortisol level (the stress hormone). It is usefull to reduce ansiety, tension and sadness, and developing a general state of wellness and good humor.

Step by step you come into contact with yourself, you can develop succesful solutions and adopt positive attitudes forgetten the negative thoughts.


Published 10 May 2019