The word from the nutritionist

Centrifuged... why are they good?

Fantasy and creativity are the perfect ingredients to prepare an extracted juice from fruits and vegetables: a fresh and healthy breakfast or snack, full of property. Prepare it, it’s very fast and simple and it can also change according to tastes, preferences or intolerances.

The centrifuged are often inserted in slimming diets, because they contain lots of fibres, vitamins and mineral salts and they are healthier and less heats than the classic bars or snacks for break.

They should be preferred to many other snacks, because they are full of nutrients, concentrated in only one glass, and they contain digestive enzymes. Another essential element, content by our centrifuged, are the antioxidants (like vitamin C, zinc, magnesium..) that carry out measures of great importance for our body like, for example, the prevention of some pathologies or  the rapidity in the absorption of the substances by the intestine.

They are excellent remedies for those who have problems of kidneys, of stomach, lung and intestinal, and in addition to slowing down the aging, they make active our metabolism avoiding that it ages with advancing years. They lose also the increase of cellulite in women because they clean the body. They are lightweight and therefore easy to digest and so they are good for people of every age. Especially for children they could be a good method to introduce in their diet lots of fruit and vegetable that perhaps they refuse for the shape/colour/natural appearance. They’re also drinks from partially sweet taste (for what they contain) without the need to add sugar or any other products. There are many proposals/recipes which show us particular variants, it’s important to be creativity and behold ready the centrifuged obtained thanks to a tool called centrifuge, which separates the scraps from the pulp of the food.

The centrifuged are quenching and drainage and easily adapt to any period of the year depending on the fruit and vegetables of the season. So don’t be discouraged, even if summer comes to an end, there are many alternatives and autumnal proposals….

Here some examples

- Pears, Apples and lemon

- Oranges, apples, kiwi and ginger

- Courgettes, parsley, celery, green apple and spinach.

- Carrots, dried tomatoes and raspberries

- Beet, Apple, celery, lemon and ginger

Published 09 September 2016