The word from the nutritionist

Chocolate? Good not only to eat!

Why people love so much chocolate?

Chocolate: sweet, bitter, dark, white, with hazelnuts, almonds, puffed rice, in a smoking cup, to bite or to unwrap,… different are the kinds of chocolate you can find… a unique taste that nobody can resist.
Why people love so much chocolate? Maybe because it is a magical food that gives sweetness and warms the heart, maybe because it gives consolation or simply because it is a good alley in the tiredness moments.

The scientific studies, made to discover the secrets of chocolate, have showed that the cacao has many properties also present in the dark chocolate, in particular:

• The chemical substances (neurotransmitters) of the cacao influence the humor and have a good anti-stress action;

• The theobromine and the caffeine present in the cacao increase the attention, aid the concentration and remove the tiredness;

• The antioxidants present in the dark chocolate are good for the heart and reduce the damages produced by the smoke;

• The antioxidants present in the cacao aid the health of the skin and protect it from the UV rays;

• The high presence of antioxidants aids to reduce the risk of many diseases;

• The cocoa butter increases the HDL cholesterol level (good cholesterol), but not the LDL cholesterol level (bad cholesterol);

• The cacao contains important vitamins that are scarce in your habitual alimentation.

Many people don’t know that chocolate, thanks to its high content of polyphenols, is a good anti-age product, in fact, it was used by the Atzec people as a beauty treatment. Also today exist the “chocolate - therapy” that is a turn of treatments that aid to face the depression, to avoid the cutaneous relaxing, to nourish the skin and to improve the flow of blood.

In conclusion the only big “fault” of the chocolate is its high energetic power.

Published 23 March 2016