The word from the nutritionist

The ideal breakfast for sportsman

The breakfast is the first meal of a day and it is very important because after 10/12 hours of overnight fast the energy reserves of your body running out.

It has to be well balanced and to provide all nutrients in order to correctly starts your body. Breakfast become a fundamental meal for who practise sport because a correct alimentation can improve performance, avoid  physical deterioration, assure more energetically possibilities during the activity, optimal metabolically condition and quick reflexes.


Who practice physical activity has to eat for breakfast:

-           Sugar  that give immediately energy (sugar, jam, honey)

-           Starches that give energy in the second and third hour after the breakfast (bread, rusks and cereals)

-           Fats that give energy between the third and fifth hour after breakfast (milk, butter, yogurt)

-          Proteins of good quality that assure at your body all essential amino acids for an efficient functioning (eggs, ham, bresaola and cheese)


Don’t forget to drink: tea, herbal teas and fruit juice to compensate the loss of water and mineral salts during the physical exertion.


Published 10 May 2017