The word from the nutritionist

The blackberry: a tasty and forgot fruit

In the past the blackberries harvest was one of one best moment of the excursion in the mountains, but today, if you want taste these little fruits it is necessary to go to the greengrocer.

The blackberry is a delicious underwood fruit, very riches in flavor and in fragrance, that since ancient ages has been known for its beneficial properties.


The” antociani”, molecules with high antioxidant properties, give it the typical black colour. The blackberry is an excellent source of vitamins and mineral salts, in particular the vitamin E is good for the protection of the red corpuscles, for the prevention of the arteriosclerosis and to improve the tonus and vigor of the organism. It has also purifying, bactericide and diuretic properties, it is refreshing, nourishing and poor in sugar for this it is advised in the hypocalorical diets.


The herbal medicine uses the leaves, the bark and the roots for their therapeutically properties. It’s advised to chew the leaves if you suffer from gingivitis. The leaves are also used to make compresses and tisanes that alleviate the peptic or skin ulcerates aches. It’s also important to remember that thanks to the high content in tannins this fruit has astringent properties.


The next times you go to the greengrocer remember to buy the blackberries, that in this season are special ingredients for a fresh fruit salad.


Published 05 September 2016