The word from the nutritionist

The lentils: not only for the year-end dinner

In Italy the lentils are eaten mainly during the year-end dinner, but would be advisable to eat them at least one time at week because they have a high nutritive value.

The lentil (Lens culinaris) belong to the families of legumes and it is a tree high about 20-70 cm, with right and ramified stalks. The flower are white with pink and celestial nuances and blossom between May and July. The fruits are flattened pods that contain a torque of edible seeds.


The lentils have a high nutritive and energetic value, are rich in fibres, in mineral salt and vitamins, in addition they have a good content of proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B. They are indicated to prevent the arteriosclerosis thanks to the low content of fats.  


They are useful for the good function of intestinal tract  and to control the cholesterol level, they have also antioxidant properties, they improve the memory process and have and an antidepressive effect.  Their consumption are indicated for who have iron deficiency and are perfect in case of anemia, physical breakdown and to offset the lack of potassium and phosphorus.


In kitchen they are used to prepare soup or to accompany trotter and cotechino. Thanks to their delicate taste, the lentils are a versatile legume and can be used also to prepare salads, salt cakes and other recipes. In Italy is tradition to eat them during the year-end dinner for augurs well for the future.


Published 12 December 2019