The word from the nutritionist

Watchword: Detox

Between family lauches and dinners in company, the Christamas holyday was been rich of culinary appointments.

For this at the end of the festivities ti's important to start a detox diet, namely a diet the aid your body to release itself from all toxical substance ingest.


A good detox program has different goals:

- intervene on the quantity of toxins introduced in your body, improving your food and life habits;

- reduce the work of your liver and kidneys and alleviate the fadigue of the body;

- give all nutritive substances necessary at your body to allow its best performances.


The objective is improve the general healthy state of your organism and not the less of weigh, but the hypocaloric nature of the detox diet allow also the slimming.  The best  weapons at our disposal to depurete the body are the antioxdiants and the vitamin C that face the free radical. These substanceS are content in fruit and vegetable, in particular in: pomegranate, blueberries, avocado, citrus, green leafy vegetables, red beetroot, carrots, pepper, yellow pumpkin and red cabbage. Also the pineapple is very rich in vitamin C and in addition it has a diuretic effect that aids the elimination of toxins.


The fibers, that stimulate the intestinal transit, are content in cereals, in vegetable and in the linseeds. To aid the liver are important to consume artichokes, dandelion, ginger, turmeric and garlic, l’aglio. It also important to reduce the consumption of salt and animals proteins, avoid to eat food fried, animals fat, alcohol and smoke. All depurative diet owes its efficiency on a correct hydratation that aid the diuresis and the of toxins.; for this it's important to drink at least 2 litres of water every day. A foundamentel liquid to consume in this kind of diet is the white tea or green tea: they are rich in antioxidants and keep down the level of cholesterol.

For the last..don't forget to make movements! Start again the physical activity abandoned during the festivity.


Published 07 January 2019