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Pet therapy: the animals aid to restore your health

The intuition that animals are an important therapeutical aid for people has been known since the ancient ages, in fact, during the domestication process animals and men established a high bond of affection.

The pet therapy, that has obtained the right recognition only few years ago, is very used in the sociology and attendance field, for example: in institutions, hospitals…


Only high selected animals are used in the pet therapy, because they have a very important duty. In particular they are used to stimulate the attention, to create a visual and tactile contact, to develop communicativeness and emotional interactions, to aid the relaxing, to control anxiety and excitement and to improve the bodily movements.


The animals are able to awake interest in the people, in fact, they create affectivity relations with the patient, their presence renders more tolerable the illness thanks to a positive climate that they are able to create.


Published 01 March 2017