The word from the nutritionist

Pouring out the rage is beneficial for your health!

Keeping rage inside is very damaging for your health. Also the science confirms that “brushing out” is very beneficial; discover why!

A German research made on 6.000 subjects said that a Latin temperament, typical of Italian and Spanish people, that is characterized by a hot-blooded character, has the advantage to extend their life and reduce the cardiovascular diseases and the tumors.

In spite of the taught receipt about the impropriety to express the rage, for your psychophysical wellness it’s important learn how to manage it in the correct way. The repressed rage and tension can cause serious pathology as depression, inferiority complex, nervous contraction, rashes, backache, ulcers, headache, ictus and heart attack.

There are different exercises that can help to manage the rage and that allow you to use its signals in a positive way.

For example to shout your head off, If possible with the face sunk in a pillow, gives a very liberating sensation; shouting as crying are the methods to vent the rage typical of baby, but it’s proved that they are perfect anti-stress also for the adults. Other methods useful to relax your mind are: physical activity, music, yoga and other meditation techniques.

The best way to escape the rage is the dialogue; to have a moderate approach with the person who had got you angry, it’s advised to vent the tension speaking before with a friend, and only in a second time to speak with “culprit” in order to express the concepts with calm and tranquility.



Published 24 November 2016