The word from the nutritionist

Smiling is good for your life

You know that a smile can improve a hard day, moves away bad thoughts from your mind and your heart and maybe puts you in good mood.

But today scientific disciplines confirm the therapeutically value of the smile: laugh is good for the organism, improves your health, benefits your hormonal stability, aids the people with chronic diseases to face their illness.


There is a special medical discipline called gelotology (the name derives from Greek = ghelos: laugh and logos: science) that studies the Laughter Therapy in the psycho-physical diseases. According to this discipline, the laughs activate particular peripheral nervous structures that produce endorphins, chemical substances that have a high analgesic and exciting activity similar to the morphine and opiate substances. The most interesting aspect of the endorphins is their ability to regulate the humor, in fact, they are released when the organism is under stress in order to endure the psycho-physical ache. The endorphins are able to give you happiness, pleasure and gratification.


These principles were successfully embraced in the medical field from Patch Adams, the author of clowntherapy, used in support of medical treatments, in order to transform the negative emotions in positive ones. Every morning, when you get up, remember to smile, in fact, a smile costs nothing but produce a lot.

Published 22 November 2016