The word from the nutritionist

Wintry sport: a correct diet

Every year, during the wintry months, many young and senior people crowd mountain villages in order to practice healthy and funny activities.

There are many snow related disciplines: the sleigh, the ice-skating, the ski and the snowboard (very appreciate by young people). It’s important to remember that these activities can be very dangerous if they are practiced without a good physical preparation and the suitable equipment.


The alpine ski is the most popular wintry sport. If you practice this sport you don’t spend many energies anyway it’s important to have a correct alimentation before you start. It’s very important to have a good breakfast; maybe you can start it drinking an orange juice in order to prepare your stomach to receive the other aliment. For breakfast you should eat nourishing and easy digestible foods, as for example: fresh or toasted bread, some honey, jam, biscuits or cereals, tea, milk or coffee.


If you spend all day skiing you should have a good lunch in order to recover the energies that you have spent during the morning and to face the afternoon without tiredness (this is the cause of many incidents). The lunch must be light and easy digestible, not very abundant and rich in carbohydrates. If your day is very long you can have a light sneak (some square of chocolate for example).


If you decide to drink something to warm yourself, don’t choose alcoholic drinks, but prefer a tea, a hot milk or an infusion. The alcoholic drinks slacken your reflexes and alter your thermoregulation center and this increases the risk of frost-bite.


Published 12 January 2017